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Pet urns for beloved pets like these.
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About Our Business
Artistic Wooden Urns is a family-owned business based in our woodshop studio in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  What started twelve years ago as a hobby has now grown into a small art-based company.  Through the years, we have offered our hand-turned wooden bowls and lidded boxes in a few select businesses.  These include different local art galleries, numerous animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and family-owned funeral homes.  I have also displayed my collection at a number of local art showings and frame shops, and have presented work in two major art galleries in Kansas City, Missouri. 
We offer a wide variety of original lidded bowls and boxes; some are made of the greatest Pennsylvania Cherry burls, others turned from rarest Arizona Desert Ironwood. We also offer many trays made with the most beautiful Florida Coconut Palm.  We use only figured and burled woods, with over three hundred species in our current supply.  Each cremation urn is valued according to the cost of the woods used, the artisan's time applied, and the artistic design needed for the piece. 
For seven years, I have chain sawed, planed, waxed and sold burled wood blocks on EBay.  My EBay user name is Davethewoodman.  I sold lumber from this region, and then bought pieces from others.  This work has provided our business with a huge supply of wood blocks from many different regions of the United States, South America, the Middle East, Australia, and other parts of the world.   Nearly all of the trees I cut up were salvaged, and going to be burned or chipped.  Processing my own lumber has taught me an enormous amount about trees.  The longer I turn wood art, the more my heart grows for it. 
As our world economy has changed, families see how pet and human cremation is a valued alternative to expensive burials.  Our cremation urns are all true works of art, hand-turned individually by life-long woodcrafters who love their work.  I personally select every item in our inventory for artistic value, structural strength, and quality workmanship.  The artist signs and dates each piece, and then sends a personal biography with the order.
Because we use only the finest burls of wood and handcraft every piece, our pet urns come with a three (3) month resolution repair and/or full replacement guarantee for any imperfections in the wood, glues used, or artisanship.  I put my heart into all the wooden urns I make, and I believe it shows.
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Each of our pet urns is created from hand-selected rare burled and figured woods, and is individually hand-turned. We refuse to dye, color, or paint any of our wooden urns.  With so many different natural colors and textures of wood, we believe there is absolutely no need.

Wooden Urns for Dearly Beloved Pets

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